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My pain started about 6 1\2 years ago, I didn't know what was wrong, but I had pain that started in my right armpit and went down to my fingers. I went to pain specialist in Spokane WA. I was told that I had a few bulged disc’s in my neck, so I was given shots that were very painful and which did not help. I was in so much pain and it was affecting my life and my job. About 5 years ago I was referred to Inland Northwest Anesthesia and Pain that is where I meant Doran Thomas and Gregory Bauer. On my first visit we talked about my pain and what they were going to do, I then asked if it would hurt and they assured me that it would not. My first shot was 2 days later, I was very skeptical because of the previous shots I had were very unpleasant. When Gregory said were going to begin, I said ok I'm ready, a few minutes later my pain was gone, the horrible pain that I had for 1 1/2 years was gone. Since that first shot I have been back from time to time for follow-ups, I have seen both Doran and Gregory. My life has changed dramatically since then. I want to thank Gregory and Doran and the whole team at Inland Northwest Anesthesia and Pain for giving me my life back.



D. Hyde
Davenport WA  




I offer this review of my treatment in your office for any purpose you’d care to use it. I appreciate the kindness and professionalism I have received and would encourage others to visit your practice for pain relief.


I was referred to INWA & Pain Management by surgeon’s office following my total knee replacement. My first appointment was within a week of the referral. The entire staff was kind and concerned for my comfort. My appointment with Greg Bauer was unrushed and he listened intently to my history and current complaints. He recognized that my pain was from a spinal issue and not all related to my knee surgery/recovery. I had an MRI the next day revealing a bulging/herniated disk which was creating severe sciatica. My follow up appointment was that same day and a treatment plan was presented to me. The epidural injection that I received helped immediately and I have had the second in the series which helped me even more. The third injection is scheduled.


Until my referral to this office, I was unaware that such assistance with pain issues was available. At a time when so many people suffer and struggle with getting relief from their pain, it saddens me that more people are not aware of the caring and professional treatment that is available to them from INWA & Pain. 


When I arrived for my first appointment, I was in extreme pain and was equally handicapped by the emotional toll that my pain had created. I was seen promptly, treated tenderly and professionally, and given hope that there was relief in sight. The treatment plan began the next day and the results were dramatic. The entire staff was engaged in providing help and relief from my pain, and they have contacted me regularly to check in with me. I have never bee treated with such patience, understanding, and empathy by medical practitioners. In today’s rushed world where providers are only able to spend a few minutes with their patients, it’s a breath of fresh air to be treated at this clinic where they take as much time as needed to listen, reassure, diagnose, educate, and treat each patient. 


I highly recommend INWA & Pain to anyone suffering from acute pain. 


Pat K.




I cannot say enough positive things about Inland Northwest Anesthesia and Pain, Greg Bauer and his staff. Greg Bauer is kind compassionate and very knowledgeable in all areas of his medical field. During my appointments I honestly feel as if I am the only patient he has because he takes time to actually listen and follow through with the solutions to problems. I highly recommend Greg Bauer and his practice.


Jody M.M.




Reflections on my experience with Inland Northwest Anesthesia and Pain (February 2019)


Lumbar scoliosis, disc displacement and desiccation, central canal stenosis, nerve root compression, severe facet arthropathy, interior foraminal narrowing, osteoarthritis. Big words I didn't comprehend on my lumbar spine MRI report two years ago. What I did understand was the chronic, crippling low-back pain I’d felt for decades. Life wasn't fun. I hurt when bending twisting, standing to long or lifting anything over 10#. My long-awaited retirement passions of gardening, golfing, fishing and lifting grandchildren were tortuous at age 66. Simple household tasks and lengthy car rides were becoming challenging.


My life revolved around doses of anti-inflammatory and pain medications, massage therapy, whirlpool baths, physical therapy, icing, steroid injections acupuncture and visits to spine specialists. Thoughts of spine surgery and opioid dependency were frightening. Home and leisure activities were timed with scheduled breaks, so I didn't "overdo" resulting in even more pain. Feelings of depression were surfacing, and I was no longer the bubbly, high-energy person of my past. I felt defeated. 


After my initial hour-long consult at Inland Northwest Anesthesia and Pain, I left feeling energized. They gave me the gift of hope. Seasoned pain specialists offered revolutionary pain reduction alternatives. Together, we mad a sequential plan for pain relief. Though, skeptical, I forged ahead thinking I had nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. I knew next steps weren't a long-term cure, but it could reduce pain.


I was eager to try a cutting-edge, minimally-invasive procedure called radiofrequency (RF) ablation to get my life back. Under anesthesia at Northwest Specialty Hospital in Post Falls, a pain specialist inserted a small insulated needle into the pain areas using X-ray guidance and utilized radiofrequency energy to disable the sensory nerves sending pain signals to my brain. The procedure took less that an hour! The day after my initial RF ablation, I felt mild discomfort, like an internal sunburn that was easily relieved with a cold pack. I could now bend sideways, backwards or forward from the waist and even place my palms on the floor. WOW. I was pain-free and off my pain medications. And did the relief last? Yes--- for 13 months. (I’ve since learned that the time period for relief varies in patients.) Was it a cure? No. But it gave me back my ability to live life to the fullest for over a year. I’ve since had additional RF ablations on my spine and ablation prior to a full knee replacement stopping pain meds just one week after surgery. 


The possibilities for individuals suffering chronic pain to enjoy favored activities without worrying about pain are REAL. If you suffer chronic pain, you know that it drains energy from your soul. You and your families deserve better. Talk with an experienced, skilled pain specialist at Northwest Anesthesia and Pain now. You will experience caring professionals who offer knowledge, experience and passionate dedication to improving quality of lives. I challenge you to reduce pain in your joints and rejoin life! 


Diane J.





Dear Greg and Doran,


I just wanted to say thank you! You both cared for me so well. You guys make me feel comfortable and at ease with everything! Your guys knowledge and wisdom are unmatched. Thank you for caring for me and helping me through the roughest time of my life! I am able to rollerblade, swim, hike and do so much! You guys changed and helped my life so much! I appreciate everything you guys have done for me.


Brianna C





Doran & Staff


Thank you so much for all your care and trying to help get this knee to be pain free. I appreciate your compassion and your extra efforts to make me comfortable.


God Bless 


Paula R.





Doran, Greg and staff,


Thank you for your great effort in trying to help my mom, Carole, with her pain. You have all been extremely kind and patient with her. We have dealt with a lot of health care people, but none who have been more respectful and caring than you.


God Bless you,


Judy F.





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